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Taking a Break!


Hello Friends! First of all, I’d like to thank you all for聽hanging out with me here. I can’t believe it’s already been over a year since I started 3073! You guys!!! <3

I originally wanted to do 2 or 3 posts a week. I knew it would be a lot of work, since social media is my day job. But I figured I’d give it a go and see what happened. I had been procrastinating on this for too long, and all the advice I read kept saying to jump in. So I jumped! Turns out that once a month was all that I could manage (and let’s be honest, I may have skipped a month here and聽there. Sorry!).

This year, I’d like to try again, so I want to take a little break for planning. I now have a better sense of what I need and want, so I can schedule enough time to get everything done. Not sure how many posts I will be doing, but whatever it is, I’m hoping to make it much more consistent and make sure that the content is totally awesome!

Hope you guys will bear with me as I plan this next stage of 3073. I have some fun ideas in store! Thanks so much for your support! See you soon!

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[CURRENTLY COVETING] Noel Christmas Tree by Encaja Muebles

[CURRENTLY COVETING] Noel Christmas Tree by Encaja Muebles | 3073 Blog

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Living in a small apartment, with absolutely no space for a big ol’ Christmas tree, I’m constantly on the lookout for small, tabletop options that are both simple and beautiful. This year, my Christmas tree dreams came true with a little cutie that landed in my inbox, “Noel”, from Encaja Muebles.

It’s got everything I look for in a tree. Scandinavian aesthetic, simple, 100% natural wood, Noel is modern but with a smidge of nostalgia, by way of the beautiful little ornaments, which are a modern take on more traditional holiday themes. You can pick among the different ornament styles offered by Encaja, or just use your own! They have two different tree sizes, and they come apart for super easy storage (HUGE bonus when storage is at a premium!). And since it’s wood, it’s pretty much “curious” kid-proof! 馃槈 The pretty little paper houses you see on the base are also for sale as an adorable Advent calendar. It’s all really lovely! Totally coveting!!!

Get them at聽Encaja Muebles!

[CURRENTLY COVETING] Noel Christmas Tree by Encaja Muebles | 3073 Blog

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[MAKE] <3 DIY Snowy Pine Cones for the Holidays


So, I’ve realized that although I really love crafts and DIY, I usually don’t have much patience or skill (or time, to be honest!) to do the more elaborate projects. I wish I did, because there are so many amazing things to create. But the fact is, I don’t really have the motivation. I love making things, as long as they are simple and quick to make, and of course, look awesome!

So I’ve decided to make all my DIY posts (or at least the vast majority of them) projects that are simple and quick and beautiful, and that you can make in 3 steps or less. Those are usually the types of projects I choose to do anyway!

Have you noticed that to make the symbol for a heart using the keyboard you have to type “<3”, which literally means “less than three”? Well, that ties in pretty perfectly here doesn’t it? Introducing my new DIY series, <3 DIY, or Less Than Three DIY!

To kick off the series, I bring you the super easy tutorial for making the “snow covered” pine cones that I used in my holiday decoration for the BLAD challenge!


[MAKE] <3 DIY Snowy Pine Cones for the Holidays


  1. Paint the tops and edges of the pine cone with white acrylic paint
  2. Sprinkle on some fine, silver glitter
  3. Repeat with the others. That’s it.

Ha! told you it was easy.

Some tips:

  • If you picked up the pine cones from the ground, you may want to clean them up a bit before painting. You can even pop them in a low oven for a bit to kill any the bugs.
  • I like the very snowy look, so I painted them quite a bit. I looked at the cones from above and tried to guess where the snow would have fallen. Obviously, you can paint as much or as little as you want.
  • It’s a good idea to do the glitter bit on a piece of card stock. That way, you can reuse the excess glitter that falls off.

So, will you give it a try? How are you decorating for the holidays this year?

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[LOCAL LOVE] Shopping Guide for Cool Kids in Buenos Aires

Shopping Guide for Cool Kids in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a really cool city, full of cool kids and their cool parents :) There are plenty of lovely places to get kids stuff, like Town & Country Kids for furniture, Mimo and Cheeky and all the kids versions of the adult brands like Paula Cahen D’Anvers, Kosiuko, Rhapsodia, Little Akiabara, for clothes, etc. But both BA newcomers and veterans alike might sometimes have a hard time discovering where the cool and distinctive stuff for kids is found. I know I sure do, mostly聽because they’re often not that well-publicised聽and you have to know where to look.

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure to discover a lot of really great stores, artisans and merchants (many through of the awesome kids blog Emma & Rob), that I hope you will love too. There is a lot of beauty and creativity in this city!

I’ve put together a little roundup of some of my favorite products, then scroll further down to see a listing of some of the great kids stores in BA!

Favorite Kids Products in Buenos Aires 1. Pennant garland, Dobleufa. 2. Stuffed fox, Coraz贸n de Algod贸n. 3. Onesies,聽KOM.聽4. Animal print canvas and leather satchel, Fanny & Alexander. 5. “Reloj ardilla”, Fabrikken. 6. Wood puzzle “estrella”, Tienda Ludus. 7. Baby carrier wrap, Mama Loba. 8. “Quiri” framed print, Fabrikken. 9. “Ander the Lion” stuffed crochet toy, Miga de Pan. 10. Stroller pad, El Buhito. 11. Wood, no pedal bikes, Ding-Dong Bikes. 12. Coco Go baby bouncer, Bloom available at Espacio Maternelle.聽

Now, for the listing of some of the coolest stores for kids in Buenos Aires!


Primera Huella

  1. Primera Huella.聽web. facebook.
  2. Acquachiare (available at many locations). web. facebook.
  3. KOM.聽web. facebook.
  4. Little Market. facebook.
  5. MiniiEco (organic).聽web. facebook.
  6. Chunchino (organic).聽web. facebook.

聽Furniture – Decor – Supplies

Booh Muebles

Photo: Booh Muebles

  1. Espacio Maternelle (supplies).聽web.聽facebook.
  2. HOTO Ceramica.聽web.聽facebook. email for orders:聽hotoceramica [at] gmail [dot] com
  3. Mama Loba (textile products).聽web.聽facebook. email for orders:聽contacto聽[at]聽mamaloba聽[dot]聽com
  4. Tienda +Chicos (supplies, clothes. online store).聽web.聽facebook.
  5. Dobleufa (decor, garlands, quilts. available at various locations).聽web.聽facebook.
  6. K盲sadesign聽(furniture & decor. available at various locations).聽web.聽facebook. more pics and great article from Emma & Rob!
  7. Fabrikken聽(furniture & decor. available at various locations).聽web.聽facebook.
  8. El Corral Muebles (also makes custom pieces).聽web.聽facebook.

Mama Loba

and a few more…

  1. Picnic Decor.聽web.聽facebook.
  2. Krethaus (furniture & decor. available at various locations).聽web.聽facebook.
  3. Booh Muebles.聽web.聽facebook.
  4. STU (decor, toys, cool stuff).聽web.聽facebook.
  5. Humm Graphics and Products.聽web.聽facebook.
  6. El Buhito (textile products. available at various locations).聽web.聽facebook.
  7. Atico Deco.聽web.聽facebook.
  8. PAUL French Gallery, Enfants (furniture & decor).聽web.聽facebook. See pics of the kids section of this deco store聽here.

聽Toys – Stuffed Animals

Coraz贸n de Algod贸n

Photo: Coraz贸n de Algod贸n

Note: most of the toys are available straight from the maker or at various locations. Please check their sites for more info!

  1. Pipi Cucu (wood toys). facebook.
  2. Fanny & Alexander (wood toys, clothes, decor). web.
  3. Severina Kids (handmade organic stuffed toys). web. facebook.
  4. Miga de Pan (handmade crochet stuffed toys, quilts, rugs). web. facebook.
  5. Corazon de Algodon (handmade stuffed toys). web. facebook.
  6. Picapau Yan (handmade crochet stuffed toys). web. facebook.
  7. Tienda Ludus toystore (online store). web. facebook.
  8. El Gato con Bote toystore. web. facebook.
  9. Jugueteria Ufficio toystore, J. L. Borges 1733. Phone: 4831-5008 (no website I could find)
  10. Compa帽ia de Juguetes toystore. web. facebook.
  11. Chap贸 Lol贸. Jorge Luis Borges 2916. facebook. **UPDATED**

Here’s a handy map with the places that have physical locations :)

What’s your favorite kids store in Buenos Aires?

[Party] Halloween Dungeon Laboratory FREE Printable Labels

[Party] Halloween Dungeon Laboratory FREE Printable Labels | 3073 Blog

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A few friends and I decided to host a little Halloween party! So you can imagine my excitement, hahaha. However, due to scheduling conflicts, we will be holding our party in November 馃槢 so I won’t have any pictures to show you until then (or maybe I’ll wait and share the whole thing next year?). But! I did want to give you guys something you can use this Halloween, so I put together a few labels that we will be using for the display at our party last night so that you can download it in time for this weekend! Woohoo!

I tend to prefer聽Halloween decorations that are spooky but also elegant. Since this party is for grown-ups, I was extra excited to plan for it, hahaha. I’ve been watching The Knick recently and was inspired by the Victorian, turn-of-the-century era and those pretty scary medical procedures. So I wanted to do a sort of creepy mad scientist lab/apothecary in a dungeon. Our party space has low ceilings so I thought making it into a “dungeon” where the crazy doctor experiments on the human prisoners was a fun聽idea!聽I plan on making a bunch of specimen jars and apothecary jars using these labels and filled with all kinds of creepy body parts and mysterious concoctions.

Check out the cool set design on The Knick.

So these are some of the specimen jar labels and apothecary labels we will be using for our party. Feel free to download them and use them for yourself!

[Party] Halloween Dungeon Laboratory FREE Printable Labels | 3073 Blog

Click HERE to download the PDF.

I’d suggest printing on card stock and maybe crumpling it up a bit before pasting on the jars and canisters with a glue stick. You might even print it on cream colored card stock so you don’t have to deal with the whole coffee staining thing, if you want it to look more vintage! (If you want to coffee stain, it’s probably best to stain the paper聽before printing, or the ink will likely run. Just make sure the paper is completely dry before putting it in your printer!!)

These designs are free for PERSONAL USE only, please! :) I’d love to see how you all use them!!

Happy Halloween!

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

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Weekends roaming around Buenos Aires is one of my all-time favorite activities. This city is infinitely walkable: the weather is usually pleasant, the days often聽sunny and clear, beautiful buildings everywhere, great stores and boutiques to visit, lovely caf茅s and restaurants for refuelling, parks and greenery to enjoy. And yesterday was an especially lovely Sunday in this great city.

Let me back up a minute. My husband is a pretty serious fan of coffee. Recently, he聽asked me to find him some sort of course where he could learn more about it. A coffee tasting and/or Barista class, to be exact. After some research, I signed him up for the tasting course聽offered by the experts at the聽Centro de Estudios de Cafe.

As luck would have it, on Friday morning my Facebook news feed聽served up a聽juicy, coffee-loving gem. There is a new coffee-holic establishment in town by the name of LAB Training Center and Coffee Shop. They were offering free “cupping” this weekend, so of course we dropped by for a nice, warm cup of knowledge!

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog LAB is definitely my kind of place. Lots and lots of light streaming into the double-height space from the floor to ceiling glass facade. It has the聽modern industrial vibe that I can hardly get enough of, but聽I liked how the聽usual fare of bare metal, cement and stainless steel was refreshed with white tile, which I think softened and brightened it up with the feel of a kitchen, or, fittingly of course, a laboratory.聽One of my fave features, though, was the huge wall of what appeared to be exposed brick or stone (I forgot to ask, hahaha). The brick (or whatever) is dark, and set vertically instead of horizontally,for a very visually interesting, organic focal point. Love it.

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

We were taken upstairs for the “cupping”, delivered by barista expert of experts, Danilo Lodi, international judge of the World Barista Championship. The hour-long tasting was fascinating. First, we smelled the 4 different kinds of coffee two聽different ways: dry and wet. Then we tasted them, slurping a little bit of each from a spoon (the slurping activates the brain’s synapses) and spitting it back into a cup so as not to be over-stimulated聽by too much caffeine (I have a feeling that really only applies when you are tasking dozens of coffees professionally. Nevertheless, as instructed, I still tried to spit the tiny sips of each coffee into the little cup and failed miserably. Is it even possible to spit gracefully?) We then tasted the same coffees when they had cooled down to confirm that they were still delicious (good coffee is good both hot and cold!) and choose our favorites. Apparently, I have “expensive” taste (no surprise there, haha) because my favorite was the Ethiopia & Indonesia blend, though the most refined was the Kenya, which was a bit too strong for my newbie taste buds.

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog [Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

What makes LAB different聽is that Danilo and his partner,聽Alexis Zagda帽ski, barista and roaster, import the raw beans from the aforementioned, Kenya, Ethiopia & Indonesia, as well as Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Colombia, then roast, grind and combine聽them themselves into their own, unique blends. The shop sells their custom roasts, Aeropress and (gorgeous, covet-worthy) Chemex coffee makers, filters and accessories, and great-looking LAB merchandise, as well as truly delicious pastries (the chocolate chip cookie is amazing: fat, chewy and chocolatey, my fave type!).

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

Turns out that the “Training Center” portion聽of LAB will kick into gear in November, with a 3 hour course on brewing awesome coffee at home, as well as聽a more in-depth, several day barista course, both of which I’m sure the hubs will be signing up for soon 馃槈 Make sure to email or message them on FB if you want more info!

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

Now, we hand’t had lunch yet and by the end of the “cupping” I was famished.聽Heading out of LAB (with a bag of assorted pastries, of course) we tried to reactivate the synapses of our brains to think of somewhere close by where we could get something delicious, and FAST. My brilliant husband came up with Burger Joint. YES. This was the perfect time聽for a good聽burger, and I had been meaning to try it聽ever since it opened last year, so we headed there asap.

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

Grunge, intentionally “vandalized”, movie and music memorabilia everywhere, including many references to Seinfeld, it’s a fun, casual-cool place. The perfect home for a no frills, big, fat, juicy burger. They only serve 4 types: La Clasica, La Mexican, La Jamaican and La Bleu.

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

I went for La Clasica, served up with some excellent, super crispy fries, just聽how I like them. It wasn’t exactly as fast as I would have liked (we had to wait quite a while, as the place was packed), but believe me, it hit the spot BIG TIME.

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

[Local Love] Coffee & Burgers | 3073 Blog

Such a good day. What are you guys up to this long weekend?

LAB Training Center & Coffee Shop
Humboldt 1542, Palermo Hollywood
Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 10am聽–聽8pm

Burger Joint
Borges 1766, Palermo Soho
Mon: 6pm 鈥 12am, Tues-Thurs, Sun: 12pm 鈥 12am, Fri & Sat: 12pm 鈥 2am

[PARTY] A Rainy Ducky Baby Shower!

[PARTY] Rainy Ducky Baby Shower! | 3073 Blog

I mentioned a few months ago that I was helping to plan a baby shower for my friend, which had made me reminisce and want to put together this mega list of newborn essentials, haha.

Well, the shower has come and gone and the beautiful baby was born and baby and parents are happy and healthy. And now I’ve finally put together a few images from the shower and the paper items聽I created for it! It was so fun to create something unique for my friend.聽Sorry the photos aren’t great!

Together聽with my friend’s聽mom, we decided on a “rain showers and rubber ducks” theme and a pink, yellow, blue and gray palette. The invitation set the tone for the event, with the items below completing the look.

[PARTY] Rainy Ducky Baby Shower! | 3073 Blog

In terms of baby shower games, we wanted things that would be actually fun (not just “baby shower fun!”) and that guests of all ages could play and enjoy.

We decided on聽a “scattergories” type game聽using the baby’s initials and baby related categories, a “Price is Right” game where people have to guess the prices of different baby items and whoever gets the total closest to the real value without going over, wins!聽We also did聽“who did it” game, which was really sweet and personal, where we shared stories about the mommy and daddy聽when they were little and people had to guess who聽the story was about!

Rainy ducky Baby Shower | 3073 Blog

Finally, my favorite was the belly guess. We made rain drops out of card stock and tied a ribbon to the tip and put them in special bags with a tag, for presentation :) People would use the ribbon to venture a guess as to how big the mommy’s belly was, and they could write their well wishes for the baby on the rain drop. After measuring and figuring out the winner, hang all the different lengths of ribbon to a display, like a tree or a mobile, as a keepsake!

All the games, plus a cute pencil, were placed inside white envelopes, so everyone received a “baby shower games” packet.

[PARTY] Rainy Ducky Baby Shower! | 3073 Blog

My friend’s mom also got the cutest little pink and yellow duck-shaped soaps to give out as favors, which we put inside packs packed with paper shreds and stapled the baby shower themed tag to the top. She聽also made some super adorable stuffed clouds with crystal raindrops hanging from them, which hung in the middle of the room!

[PARTY] Rainy Ducky Baby Shower! | 3073 Blog

[PARTY] Rainy Ducky Baby Shower! | 3073 Blog

And oh, the food! Our very talented friend made these amazingly delicious cupcakes and the perfect cupcake toppers to go with the theme. Don’t they look incredible?

Rainy ducky Baby Shower | 3073 Blog

Our friend聽also made this PERFECT cake — it was her first time modeling sugar paste! This girl is going places, folks.

All in all, it聽was a really fun afternoon, and I loved working on this project. What do you guys think?


[LOCAL LOVE] Lulu Heart Paper

[LOCAL LOVE] Lulu Heart Paper | 3073 Blog

*Para leer este post en espa帽ol, haz click aqui!*

I’ve been wanting to post about Lulu for a looong time. In fact, her very kind answers to my questions have been sitting in my inbox for months. Months!聽 Shameful, I tell you.

I finally聽got a chance to put this post聽together and share with you all the creative loveliness that is Lulu Heart Paper. And really, the timing could’t have been better (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself…), because she just聽recently unveiled聽her all new, and very beautiful website, and the new look and products for聽El Mercadito Azul聽home goods store聽is about to launch too!

As far as I could tell, Lulu is one of the first designers in Argentina to veer from the “traditional” (boooring ;)) formal invitation designs to offer infinitely more modern, fun and very personal聽paper goods for weddings and other occasions.

Read on to hear about this talented designer’s journey, her favorite projects, new products (omg, those notebooks!!!) and the聽new directions for El Mercadito!

How and when was Lulu Heart Paper born?

Lulu was born in March 2012. It came out of a branding design project with a british event fotographer who specialized in weddings. That year, we met up in Buenos Aires when he was here for a wedding. We worked together redesigning his brand identity and talked about paper goods, typography and wedding details. He was the one who pushed me towards entering this world; and at the same time, a friend was about to get married and she tasked me with designing her invitations. That’s how it all began.


What motivated you to start?

I’ve always been the type of person who likes to feel paper, smell books and caress the textures on a cover. I have always liked typography, and during my university studies I fell deeply in love with it. 聽With Lulu I can find the intersection between these things and the excitement of a new project each time.


What inspires you?

I look at a lot of the work of other designers, typographers, design and cooking blogs…everything inspires me: there are colors in everything that will stay in my head and one day I find them in a piece I design. Reading, listening to music; nurturing myself whenever I can with whatever I can do to keep my creativity alive.

What is your design process?

First, I meet with the couple getting married. Many times they come to me supposedly “without any ideas” but there is always something that they have imagined in their minds and I try to get to it so that I can design what they would do. Everything always begins with pencil and paper; I sketch it out in one of the notebooks that are no longer just blank pages. Then that sketch gets digitalized and I continue to work on it on the computer. We have several rounds of modifications, then we have a sample printed, and then we send the final to the printer.


What is your favorite type of project?聽

Contrary to what many might think, the best that can happen is for the couple to get involved; they give you ideas, show you their inspiration, share photos of the decoration, colors, clothes…everything nurtures me to create something new, and that is what I like the most; to see the birth of a different project for everyone.

[LOCAL LOVE] Lulu Heart Paper | 3073 Blog

What is the project that you most enjoyed?

One of the projects I remember most fondly is the one I did for Caro & Leo. Together we came up with the idea of using a printed piece of canvas聽instead of paper, where we would tell the story of how they met in Barcelona. Caro sent me a list of the places and stories and I translated them into illustrations and a map of the city… It was a lovely project, in which the invitation included something more than just the information about the party and at the same time fulfilled its function by including all the relevant items.

[LOCAL LOVE] Lulu Heart Paper | 3073 Blog

How and why did El Mercadito Azul come about?

El Mercadito Azul emerged at the end of聽2010. I had quit my day job a few months before and I spent my down time visiting decoration blogs and longing for the products others were making. One day I decided I would be the one to have a product line of聽designs that I would like to have in my house.

How do you select the products you sell at the store? Who makes them?

The first product was the dish towel. The first step was to think about those products that we use on a daily basis and how I could make them more beautiful. The dish towel emerged from that idea. Then there were tablecloths, cushions and illustrations.聽


Are there others on your team? Who are they?

The designs for all the products are my own and I work with a sewing workshop and a screen printer who take care of turning into reality the things that are on my screen. Eva (seamstress) and Enrique(screen printer) are very important axes of聽El Mercadito, without them we would not be able to keep gowing; they are both experts in their fields, they teach me and advise me; they are a part of everything.

Did you design your own branding? Who designed the websites?

When you launch your own business, you’re an entrepreneur, you have to bootstrap. I’m a designer, above all, so I took care of the identities聽for both brands, the logos, paper goods, packaging, tags and even the websites; I built everything after hours in front of the computer and many sleepless nights trying to learn how to program for the first time.


Who styles and takes your photos?

I take the photos. Yes, I do everything, or at least, almost everything! I’ve always taken photos, since I was a little girl using film cameras and as an adult, when I can, I take to the streets; there are times when I have more time and others when I can only do it on vacation. For the photos for both brands I take inspiration from other product photographers, ask a lot of questions to learn about the best lenses; and then it’s all about sitting down and thinking about color palettes, objects and compositions that represent the brand and what I’m trying to showcase.聽


What are you most proud of, so far?

What a question! How difficult! I think that it’s a little bit of everything. Getting to where I am with two projects that support me, that grow little by little and incorporate new people. Being able to launch a line of notebooks born out of the bookbinding workshops though Lulu. Or hearing the name of El Mercadito in a conversation when the person mentioning it doesn’t know that it’s mine. Being mentioned in a magazine that聽you have always dreamed of being in is a very real representation聽of what one has been able to achieve; and that is something that fills me with pride.


What plans do you have for the future?聽

I would really like to have a space dedicated to Lulu and El Mercadito [note: this has been fulfilled! Check out some images from the studio here], where I can give the workshops and also display the products from both brands. I’m planning and designing new paper products for Lulu and doing a total renovation of El Mercadito for mid 2014. New image, new designs…everything renewed! It all comes down to growing, continuing to generate new things and learning, always asking questions to learn.



I think her lovely designs, playful, colorful and energetic, speak for themselves. I love her love of learning, making things with your hands, and keeping that curiosity and creativity alive. Don’t you?

Many thanks to Lucila for telling us about her projects. Wishing you the very best, and here’s to growth, curiosity and beauty!

Lulu Heart Paper聽|聽Facebook聽|聽Twitter聽|聽Instagram

El Mercadito Azul聽|聽Facebook

[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs – Magical Motion Photographs

[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog

Have you ever looked at a photograph and felt聽almost teleported to that moment and location? Like you could almost see the wind rustling the leaves, or the lights flickering?

Ever since I first saw them a few years ago, I have been in total awe of this invention. The “Cinemagraph鈩” is a remarkable creation, halfway between a photograph and a video. A kind of upscale animated GIF, it’s a still image, in which one section has been animated. Invented by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, from Ann Street Studio, in 2010, Cinemagraphs have been all the rage, and been attempted by many other artists since.

To me, they look magical. They even remind me of the photos in Harry Potter 馃槈

Although it was impossible to pick just a few, here are some聽of my favorites from the original creators. I’d also recommend passing by the Ann Street Studio blog聽for more cinemagraphic and聽photographic beauties filled with gorgeous light and elegance.

[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog


[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog



[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog


[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog


[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog


[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog


[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog


[INSPIRED] Cinemagraphs - Magical Motion Photographs | 3073 Blog



[INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade

[INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade

Making things is kind of amazing. Using your own two hands to create. Bring something to being that wasn’t there before. I really admire craftspeople who can create beautiful, useful, one of a kind things, imprinted with their love and dedication, and I love聽surrounding myself聽with them whenever I can.

That’s why I’m in love with this Kickstarter project, from a woman in Chile who was looking for the same thing. She was tired of the “mass manufactured” home goods in Chile and craving the handcrafted traditions of the past. So she created Minka Inhouse-Handmade. Take a look at the video, which tells the story much better than I ever could!

[INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] Minka Inhouse-Handmade | 3073 Blog

Only 4 days left to support the Kickstarter project! She offers some really beautiful gifts to backers :)

Minka Inhouse-Handmade聽/聽Facebook聽/聽Instagram聽/聽Twitter聽/ Pinterest

[MAKE] Last-Minute Father’s Day DIY – Sharpie Mug (<3 DIY)


Stopping by to share with you all a very quick and easy DIY that I’ve been wanting to try out forever — a Pinterest favorite, the Sharpie mug!

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I do, in fact, do pretty much everything “last-minute”! :)

There are some things聽to keep in mind when making this, and mine didn’t come out as well as I would have hoped, but it is super easy to do and hopefully, with some of these tips, yours will be perfect!


  • A blank mug
  • Sharpies or other permanent markers
  • An oven


Detailed instructions with tips:

1. Wash your mug and wipe it down with some alcohol to get rid of any oils that may interfere with the ink sticking. Apparently, cheaper mugs are better for this project because they use a cheaper glaze that melts more easily when heated to incorporate the marker design. There are plenty of places to get cheap mugs around here, Jumbo, Coto, Moderno Bazar are good ones to try. I couldn’t find a mug shape that I liked though, so I ended up buying a slightly more expensive one, which may have affected my final result.

2. Plan your design and sketch it on the mug with a pencil.

3. Go over the design with a Sharpie or permanent marker (the edding 400 brand they sell at the librerias here work too. I read that it works even better with the oil based Sharpies designed for use on ceramics, but couldn’t find any of those here). I love metallics so I chose to do this design with a bronze Sharpie. However, the bronze it did not draw very well on the mug. It kept erasing itself. So I ended up having to go over聽the letters making small dots, one after the other, which made for a bit of an uneven finish. Since this was a father’s day gift, I wanted my daughter聽to be involved. So I taped off an area on the back for her to scribble on. The regular, non-metallic markers seemed to draw on much better than the metallic ones.

4. Let the ink dry overnight, then place the mug in a cold oven. Turn the oven on and let it heat up to moderate heat (175潞-200潞C / 350潞-400潞F). Once it reaches moderate temperature, bake the mug for 30 minutes. Turn the heat off and let the mug cool down in the oven. Done!

Unfortunately, the metallic sheen of the bronze wore off a bit after the baking, and the brightness of the colors on the back also dulled a bit. It still looks pretty nice though, and I have hand washed the mug a couple of times and the design stayed put, so I’m going to go ahead and call this experiment a decent success. But I will definitely be making more of these in the future! Maybe going for the straight black Sharpie designs is the best way to ensure quality. Will you be trying this out?

mug 2

[SHOP] Our Newborn Baby Essentials Registry

[Shop] Our Newborn Baby Essentials Registry | 3073 Blog

It’s taken a while to get another post up, but I’ve been working on this one for the past few weeks. Definitely ended up being longer than I expected! Haha. Hope you guys like it :)

Even though my own daughter is not a baby anymore, I’m currently surrounded by all things 鈥渘ewborn鈥 because a very good friend of mine is having a baby in a few months. I have the enormous pleasure of helping to plan her baby shower! Besides being so much fun, and also brings me back to when I was getting all prepared for the arrival of our little one. I can’t believe how long it’s been! Anyway, seeing as I have babies on the brain right now, I thought this might be a good time to compile a list of “newborn essentials” for the blog!

Of course, “essentials” is a very relative term, since each lifestyle and parenting style will warrant very different set of what is considered essential, right? So to clarify, this is a list of what聽we聽considered to be essentials and/or extremely helpful for our baby, our lifestyle and our parenting style. Most of the things on this list are things that we used ourselves with our baby, and a few are things that we wish we had had!

One of the best pieces of advice that I received when getting ready for the baby was to take it slow. Each baby is different, and you never really know what your and your baby’s wants and needs will be until you’ve had some time together to adjust to the new routine. So my advice is to start with the bare essentials and then go from there, getting what you need as you go along. Believe me, you will have plenty of time to get stuff, even after the baby comes!

I was pretty shocked after I put this list together, though–even just the “essentials” is actually quite a lot of stuff! Haha. So brace yourselves for a really long post. Hope you guys find it helpful and fun, and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

(*Small disclaimer: some of the stuff on this list I haven’t been able to find in Argentina, but I included it because I truly love and recommend them. But most of the items are either available here or you can get similar versions here!)

[Shop] Newborn Baby Essentials Registry | 3073 Blog


1. Onesies and wrap shirts: our baby lived in onesies for the first few months. Make sure you get ones with a wide hole for the head, it will make your life much easier! Wrap tops are also pretty useful and practical. Again,聽Kom,聽CottonPom聽(organic),聽Galo y Her聽and聽Pepa y Lim贸n.

2 and 4.聽Baby accessories like socks,聽booties聽and hats: since babies don’t walk, they don’t really need shoes (although there are some adorable baby shoes out there. I mean聽seriously!). But socks and booties are important to have to keep the feet warm and cozy. Booties are great cause you can tie them to keep them on! Hats are good for sleep time and outings, but best when they are a bit elastic. Haven’t really seen any particularly cute ones here though. Have you?

3.聽Baby leggings: we definitely used a ton of different baby leggings. They are soft and flexible and generally pretty easy to pull on and off for changes. Some great places for them here in Argentina are聽CottonPom聽(organic),聽Galo y Her聽and聽Pepa y Lim贸n.

5.聽Snap pajamas, sleep gowns and sleeping bags: these are useful for easy access to the diaper area for night changes, and he sleeping bags for keeping the baby warm if they tend to kick off their blankets at night.聽Kom聽and聽Lalabai聽have cute stuff.

6.聽Sweater: especially is you have a winter baby, but always helpful to have at least 1 or 2 light sweaters for leaving the house.聽Paula Cahen D’Anvers聽often has some nice ones.


7.聽Aden & Anais swaddle blankets: I don’t think I can overstate how awesome these things are. You’d never guess a simple piece of muslin could be so useful! We started using them to swaddle and they quickly became her favorite, eventually turning into her special “blankie”. Good thing we have 4, since we have to change them out often!

8.聽Sheepswool blanket: I had heard so much about the benefits of sheepskin rugs, mattress/ stroller pads etc, but was reluctant to get one. However, I recently came across this sheepswool blanket, which appears to have all the great benefits (for example warm in winter/cool in summer, anti-bacterial, water resistant, doubles as playmat, therapeutic), but is not a hide, as the wool is sheered (humanely, apparently) and then attached to cotton. So seems to be a great product! No idea where to get something like this here. Any thoughts?


9.聽聽Sleep Sheep On the Go: We really liked this little sheep. Our baby was generally a good sleeper, but I like to think that it helped creating a soothing environment for sleep time, became part of our sleep routine, became a reassuring sight and sound when sleeping away from home and also created a little “buffer” to muffle outside noises.

10.聽Wooden teether and rattle: both teethers and rattles are quite useful, especially later on, but the texture, shape and sounds made by the wood are great for both newborns and older babies.

11 and 12.聽Art for Baby聽and聽TouchThinkLearn series.聽I totally love the TouchThinkLearn books. They are beautiful! The series, by Xavier Deneux, is bright and colorful but elegant, the images are simple but also have some complexity to them, they have great use of positive and negative space as well as texture in order to engage a baby’s many senses. In Argentina, you can get them at C煤spide, and I’m sure other book stores as well. And the Art of Baby book was also a great buy. It appears that newborn babies are very attracted to high contrast images, such as those in black and white, as they are not yet able to distinguish more nuanced colors. This book is also great because it comes with panels of the artworks that you can hang up on the walls of your house. Our baby would stare at them a lot!

13 and 14.聽Wooden developmental toys聽and聽fun stuff: This set of Waldorf/Montessori baby toys includes a dangling bell that the baby reaches for to ring, teething rings, a dangling ring, also for reaching, wooden beads and a rattle. You can read more about the toys at the link, and a bit more about Montessori principles聽here聽and聽here. A lovely and simple wooden ring with colorful ribbons also makes a great toy, offering multi-sensory fun, distraction and creative possibilities. Also seems like a relatively simple DIY, no? Haven鈥檛 seen things like this here, but Tienda Ludus has some great wooden toys.


[Shop] Newborn Baby Essentials Registry | 3073 Blog


1. Diaper bag: We got one of these Skip Hop Duo bags and it’s great. My favorite thing about it is that it has special straps to attach easily to the handles of the stroller, which is super useful! I love all the pattern options it has too, and lots of compartments for all the baby things you will take with you. Here, I’ve seen that Globba and Happy Little Moments make nice ones.

2.聽Car seat: We don’t聽have a car, so we debated whether or not we needed one of these. But in the end we decided that it was important to have. I’d recommend getting a convertible one (ours was not), so that you don’t聽have to get a separate chair when the baby turns into a toddler.

3. Stroller: I pretty much went crazy looking for the right stroller for us. I read pages and pages of reviews, hours of research, all without really knowing what is going to work for you and you baby. I finally found one that seemed like it would be a great fit for us. It was the Baby Jogger City Mini, available in Argentina. I liked the sturdiness of the 3-wheel design, with large rubber tires and suspension, which would help us navigate the highly irregular sidewalks of Buenos Aires. It also has the easiest folding mechanism I have ever seen for a stroller. The hood is extra large and with two windows, and the storage underneath is a good size. The stroller is a bit large, but I have generally not had too much trouble with the size. I would recommend measuring it against your elevator before getting it, though!

4.聽On the go changing kit: This would have been quite useful. Great to have in the diaper bag so that you have all your supplies together and ready to go for changing time, and also great to slip into your purse so you don’t have to take the entire diaper bag for smaller outings. Here, I’ve seen that聽Baby Piac聽makes cute ones.

5. Stroller pad: we got one of these from El Buhito and loved it, especially in the new born stage, because it gives a bit of extra padding comfiness to our City Mini, which is not terribly padded. As our baby got older, i wasn’t really necessary, but nice to have in the beginning.

6. Mama Loba baby wrap: this is the Argentine version of the Moby wrap and it’s excellent. I used mine every single day. We hardly ever used the stroller when we went out unless we knew we were going to be out for a long time or going a long way. My baby spent a lot of time in this and would often take 4 hour naps in it while I did other stuff. Absolutely loved having her so close to me and it seems that she did too! The benefits of baby carriers are many, and you can read more about them here, if you’re interested. I can’t recommend it enough! Just make sure that you get one that keeps the baby’s legs bent and supported (not dangling), and is not forward-facing, as there can be serious damage to he baby’s hips.聽Llevame Cerca聽is another brand that makes great baby carries, but these are in the Mei Tai style.


7.聽Wet bag: definitely a must have if you’re using cloth diapers. this is where you keep the dirty diapers until they are ready to go in the wash! The one we got is from聽Planet Wise聽and has been very useful, but I love this chevron line from SkipHop (can you tell?)

8.聽Diaper sprayer: Super useful to help remove the poop from the cloth diapers! This one from bumGenius seems to be pretty easy to install, but we were lucky to have one already installed in our bathroom. Score!

9. Liniment “oleo calcareo”: I had never heard of this until living here, but everyone here uses this mix of olive oil and calcium to clean newborn bottoms. Natural and gentle, we continued to use this with our baby even past the newborn phase. I have also recently discovered that this can also be used as a cleansing oil for the entire body (which makes sense) and is good for babies with skin conditions like eczema. Lots of brands make it here, including聽Ewe, Estrella and聽Farmacity聽brands, and I have heard that the Parafarm brand is really good. Just make sure you’re getting the straight up “oleo calcareo” and not the cleaning lotion based on (“a base de”) oleo calcareo. Definitely made that mistake :)

10. Cloth diapers: We decided to go with the聽bumGenius All-in-One cloth diapers. They are soft, absorbent and really practical because the whole thing goes in the washer and you don鈥檛 have to stuff and unstuff constantly. However, if you鈥檙e using them in Argentina, make sure you also get special laundry detergent. I thought I was doing it right using very little of the gentlest baby detergent here (Woolite Beb茅), but I ended up with ripped up diapers after 1 year. In the last couple of years there have been a few brands of cloth diapers similar to these here in Argentina. I haven鈥檛 tried them, but they look nice. The ones I know of are聽Econatural Beb茅,聽GoGreen,聽Ecolitas.

11.聽Cloth baby wipes: we got a bunch of these and they were quite useful for a number of situations: used as wipes or diaper changes, washcloths, burp cloths, general cleanup cloths. Good stuff.


12.聽Puj Tub: SUCH a great product. This is a soft, flexible tub that fits into most bathroom sinks so that you can easily bathe your newborn. It keeps its shape in the sink using magnets to keep it together, and unfolds into a thin mat you can hang up and take up very little space. Both my baby and I loved it. I have found something similar made here in Argentina by Wity Wity, available at Espacio Maternelle.

13.聽Baby towel: there is one made by聽Puj聽and it has a strap so that the towel hangs around your neck so you dnt get wet when picking the baby up after the bath. Totally brilliant and wish I had had it! I have seen a hands free baby towel here, but it doesn’t appear to be available anymore, unfortunately. But I imagine it’s not too difficult to make yourself, you’d just have to sew on a loop of fabric at the top to go over your head! The one pictured is from Tienda M谩s Chicos, and here is a cute one from聽Picnic.


14. Nursing pillow and baby lounger: A nursing pillow was very useful to have in the first few months, when baby and I were still trying to get used to nursing, but after a while we stopped needing it. We had one that tied around my waist, which was a bit annoying because of having to tie it all the time, and because it would loosen easily, but on the other hand, it made no noise when I took it off when the baby would fall asleep, as snaps or velcro would. I also improvised a bit and made the pillow into a lounger. And then I discovered that Vincul-Arte makes a multiuse pillow which you can use as a lounger too :)

15.聽Dria nursing cover: another amazing product I totally love and always recommend. This is a nursing cover that looks nothing like a nursing cover. Super cute, it can be used as a poncho or short, pregnant or not, as well as a stroller or car seat cover. It doesn’t get easily wrinkled and the fabric is soft and breathable, so the baby doesn’t get too hot under it. The hole for your head is also pretty wide so that you can easily peek in to see the baby while nursing.

16 and 17.聽Nursing tops,聽nightgowns聽and聽bras: Very useful to have as they allow easy access for nursing, but there’s no reason why they can’t be cute!


18.聽Baby healthcare and grooming kit: We got a smaller version of this, but I like this one a lot. It has all the necessary instruments you might need, like a thermometer, bulb aspirator, baby safe nail clippers, hair brush and comb, and more. Super practical. You can probably put one together on your own, though :)

19 and 20. Natural baby and cleaning products: We try as much as possible to minimize the amount of chemicals our baby is exposed to, so we try to use natural baby and cleaning products when we can.聽Unfortunately, the options for natural baby and cleaning products here are quite limited. We use some聽Burt’s Bees聽products (got them in Chile) and make most of our own cleaning products, usually.聽I have never tried聽California Baby聽or聽Honest Company, but I have heard a lot of good things about them and would love to give them a try one day! Here, I’ve heard that聽Weleda聽makes pretty good natural baby products.


21.聽Baby Book: I was pretty terrible about keeping track of all the the baby things, taking the monthly photos, etc, but I love this Moleskine baby book! It’s modern and grown up, which I love because this is something that is more for me right now (rather than for the baby), and that I will show to my daughter when she is older, and this is definitely more my style, haha.

22.聽Bio oil: I used this quite often and i did get quite a few stretch marks, but they are not that noticeable. Can I say it was thanks to this? Not for sure, but there you have it!

23. Baby ESP app: This app was really key for at least the first 6-9 months. It lets you keep track of when the baby eats, sleeps, poops and more. The genius of it is that it helps you identify patterns and remember things that you normally would not, especially with your new “mommy brain”! It will help you figure out if your baby’s sleep patters and if they are sleeping enough between all the naps and night wakings, your baby’s pooping patterns (very important to gauge health!), and nursing patterns, all of which will help you keep track of their health, keep your doctors informed and help you plan your days, including predicting when you might be able to get some time for yourself!

24.聽Post-partum wrap: I can’t tell you how much my mother insisted that I get one of these. The one pictured actually seems kind of comfortable, but I got mine at some random garment store (the tightest one they had, actually, thanks to my mother! Haha) and could not wait to take it off. Of course, I can’t guarantee, as I have nothing to compare to, but I do feel like it helped.

Oh, and some massages wouldn’t hurt, either!


[Shop] Newborn Baby Essentials Registry | 3073 Blog

1 and 2. Bookcase and storage boxes: you need somewhere to keep all the toys and books, and with the help of a few storage boxes, such as the ones from聽Krethaus, Picnic or Cosa Bonita, an open bookcase like this one is ideal. It keeps all the toys organized but also accessible to the little ones. The one pictured is the Oeuf Mini Library, but Booh Muebles makes a really similar one here in Buenos Aires! For boxes, you can also check Falabella聽or some wicker ones from Once work well too!

3. Mobile: this could go in the toys section, but I added it here. mobiles are great for newborns and this is a lovely one made by Argentine designer聽KasaDesign.聽聽STU聽and聽Coucou聽have have lovely ones.

4. Night light: This is more for you than the baby, since having a soft light will definitely help you from painfully bumping into furniture during those late night diaper changes! This awesome bear night light is available at Pehache.

5 and 7. Dresser and changing pad: a great place to keep all the clothes, diapers and other supplies, and also doubles as a changing table with the simple addition of a changing pad! The changing table/pad might not be totally essential, as you can really change a baby anywhere, such as your bed or the floor, but I liked having a designated place where all the tools were easily accessible. We got our lovely one from聽El Corral Muebles, and聽the one pictured聽is also by KasaDesign. Love it!

6. Co-sleeping cot:聽Our baby slept in a little cot next to our bed for the first 8 months, but my dream was to have a co-sleeper like this. And since our baby went from the cot straight to a Montessori style floor bed, we never even got a crib, which I guess makes it a “non-essential” for us! haha. Arm’s Reach makes some nice, affordable co-sleepers, while Bednest makes beautiful ones, but search the internet and you will find tons of options, including dome DIY versions, which I’m sure you could get made if you lack carpentry skills. This lovely cot pictured is made by Argentine company Good Wood for Glow. Booh Muebles聽and Cozlip聽also make some.

8. Rocker: We had a regular, non rocking chair in our nursery, but I feel like I would have liked having a rocking chair, even if we usually nursed on my bed or the couch. I love the simple Scandinavian design by 聽Good Wood聽for聽Glow, which also has a small footprint which is great for small spaces like ours. However, I do wonder how comfortable it is!

9. Rug: We聽decided to go for a nice area rug for our baby’s room. There are some nice options at Okko, for example.

10. Laundry bag: oh, laundry. One of my very many housekeeping weaknesses. But having a cute laundry bag does make the absolutely endless piles of laundry a little easier to bear. Enter Prynt.

[Shop] Our Newborn Baby Essentials Registry | 3073 Blog


Everyone will tell you: You can never really be fully prepared to become a parent, but reading as much as I could helped me at least feel like I was getting there! Between these books and websites like BabyCenter (register for their newsletter, it’s really quite good!), and tons of blogs I discovered along the way, I started to feel a bit less anxious about the whole thing before the baby arrived (a tiny bit, but still!).

1. Breastfeeding Made Simple, Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers: This book was definitely and absolutely essential. The idea that breastfeeding is something you just know how to do instinctively and that from the start it’s easy and simple might be true for some women, but for many, it’s something that takes work to learn, and probably a some pain too. This book was immensely helpful to me 聽demystifying the whole thing and was an invaluable source of moral and technical support. I think that the biggest and most important takeaway I got from this book was to seek help if you’re having trouble. THIS WAS KEY FOR ME!

2. The Baby Book: This book, but the Sears doctors, is what is sometimes referred to as the “Bible” of “attachment parenting”. Although we tend to not really subscribe to any one type of “parenting philosophy” (we usually take bits from different places, combined with intuition), I think it’s safe to say that I like many of the principles of so-called “attachment parenting”. This book acknowledges that every parent will have their own style and offers guidelines. I think it was a good resource in the beginning.

3. Brain Rules for Baby: I didn’t read this one before the baby was born (in fact, I’m still reading it now!), but I probably should have, haha. It is a great, no-nonsense, research-backed book full of information about the do’s and don’t’s that will help you make sure that your baby’s brain develops well, and debunks many myths along the way. There’s even a great chapter about how a new baby can affect a marriage and offers tips for how to deal with is in the healthiest way possible. Definitely a must-read.

4. How to Raise an Amazing Child The Montessori Way: to be honest, reading Maria Montessori can be fascinating, but a bit tedious and dense. This book is an excellent introduction to the main principles of the Montessori philosophy, with lots of hands-on, practical ideas for applying them in your home right from birth. It’s also a short and easy read and great reference as the baby grows.

5. Bringing Up B茅b茅: this is a great, fun, easy read that gives lots of excellent perspective and ideas on how to provide structure with lots of room for freedom and autonomy. Highly recommended.

6. Baby-led Weaning: definitely not necessary to read before the baby arrives, as this talks about the weaning process from nursing to solids, but I found it very useful to start reading it early on in order to prepare. Also note that it offers a weaning process that is a bit different from what is considered “traditional” today.

Aaaand, that’s all folks!

That is, until the baby is a few months old, and then we have a whole new slew of stuff! Hahaha. But it is wonderful though, isn’t it?

So what do you think of this list? What are/were your newborn essentials?


[INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York – James Gulliver Hancock

[INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog

Hello again! So, so sorry for the lack of posts in March. Tough month, people. But I’m back! And today I want to share with you some art that I really love. [INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog Australian illustrator聽James Gulliver Hancock, now based in Brooklyn, has a portfolio full of beautiful artwork, from ads to books, installations, packaging and more. But his side project, “All the Buildings in New York” is really what stole my heart. The project is exactly what it sounds like, the artist’s attempt to draw all the buildings in New York. What a fun endeavor. With so much architectural beauty, this should keep him occupied for quite some time. [INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog I’m a huge fan of illustration. I would dare say it’s my favorite type of art (I actually just came to that realization as I thought about the art hanging in my apartment, and the main pieces are actually very illustrative, haha). And it’s no secret that I’m also a huge fan of New York City. So when I came across this project via聽Inhabitat, I was hooked immediately. I mean, aren’t these great? They are simple and timeless, yet full of personality and great color choices. A very fun way to bring some of the magic of New York City home. [INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog

I loved looking through the growing repertoire for the classic icons, regular buildings I recognized, and buildings whose beauty (both extraordinary and mundane) I never noticed before. I’d love to get my hands on a few of these prints. He even made a book of them, probably for those who can’t make up their minds which prints they love most (so you know, maybe I should go for the book…).

[INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog [INSPIRED] All the Buildings in New York - James Gulliver Hancock | 3073 Blog Don’t you think this project would also work really well here in Buenos Aires? Tons of gorgeous buildings to celebrate! Can you pick a favorite?


All images are property of James Gulliver Hancock and have been used here with permission.

[SHOP] Pantone-Inspired Products

[SHOP] Pantone-Inspired | 3073 Blog

I’m kind of a design geek, in case you couldn’t tell! haha. Anyway, I have a soft spot for all things inspired by the color king, Pantone庐, and was super excited when I started seeing Pantone inspired items crop up around Buenos Aires! So here are a few of the ones I have seen so far. Enjoy!

1. Pantone postcards,聽The Bug Planet. 2. Pantone mugs,聽Chimi Churri. 3. Storage boxes,聽Organizza.